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Dementia and Alzheimer's home care
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There is an alternative to moving into a Care Home 
When needs change and more care support is required, it IS possible for you or your loved on to stay at home. 
Nest can provide one-to-one, person-centred care with a professional Live-in Care Assistant who is always on-hand. 
There are many advantages to staying in your own home: 
Remaining in your own home in surroundings that you’re most familiar with 
Staying with your spouse in your family home  
Staying at home with your pets 
Having tailored one-to-one care and support 
Keeping the same routines 
Meals and meal-times, getting up in the morning and going to bed in the evening at the times you choose 
Continuing to do the things you love such as going out, seeing your friends, cooking and gardening 
Having some-one on-hand that is able to cook, drive and complete all the domestic chores 
Having a companion and confidante 
Following a thorough care assessment at your home, we will match one of our highly-trained, experienced Live-in Care Assistants to your specific needs and wishes. 
Our Care Assistants record daily logs which enable the family or LPOA to have a detailed overview of the care received. 
We employ our Care Assistants directly and take care of everything including payroll, training, breaks, holiday cover, insurance and a 24 hour / 365 days per year on-call service. 

Example of how Live-in Care works - Henry  Our client Henry lived independently in his own home with 3 care visits daily to assist him with personal care, meal prep and some household tasks. Due to some decline in mobility, Henry had a fall and was taken to hospital. Upon discharge Henry wished to return to his own home but with one-to-one care support. Henry and his family reached out to Nest to employ our Live-in Care Services and we were able to match Henry with a one of our Live-in Care Assistants. Henry's Care Assistant now supports him with many aspects of his life including helping him with a morning shower and dressing, administering medication, meal planning and preparation, accompaniment on trips out and organisation of appointments and social events. Henry now feels able to continue live his life safely and happily as he has the knowledge that his Carer is there to assist and support him in so many aspects of his life. 

The benefits of Live-in care 

One to One care and support with a dedicated, experienced and highly-trained Care Assistant matched to you. 
• Remaining in your own home. 
• Continuity of care.  
Unlike most care providers, we provide a main Care Assistant with a back-up person who can cover breaks and holidays. 
• An all-inclusive price with no additional or hidden charges. 
• Back-up Care Assistant should the occasion rise. 
• 24/7 x 365 days on-call support service. 
• Daily log of care. 
• Bespoke Care Plan. 
Finding the right Care Assistant or you 
With a handpicked Live-in Care Assistant, your life can stay the same, if not improve, as you will have dedicated one-to-one support. 
At Nest Homecare, we place huge importance on matching you with someone you feel really comfortable with and who understands your routine, needs and interests; 
Some-one with a high level of experience and specialist training. 
A choice of male or female carers to support your personal care needs. 
Someone who shares your hobby or interests. 
Someone who can help after pets. 
You can also be assured that we pay our Care Assistants well above the National Minimum Wage, and above the UK Living Wage. 

6 easy steps to Live-in care 

Contact us and book a free assessment to discuss your needs including support needs, nutritional requirements, daily routines, mobility, wishes and interests, medical requirements and housekeeping preferences.  
This will include a discussion and advice on provison (i.e. a separate bedroom and food) for the Care Assistant. 
We write and deliver a person-centred Care Plan to you and your family, and arrange to visit you to discuss. 
We select a Care Assistants based on your needs, wishes and interests. 
We all agree a start date when the Care Assistant, accompanied by one of the Nest Care Team members, will arrive at your home for an Introduction and settling-in period. 
You can enjoy continuing to live in your own home whilst being well-supported and well-looked after. 
One of the Nest Care Team will regularly visit yourself and the Care Assistant to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of care. 
Nest offer long and short term live-in care. 
Contact us now to discuss your requirements on 01753 847677. 
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